I ran the half-marathon in San Francisco this past summer. It was amazing. Afterwards I wanted pictures to remember it by–specifically, pictures that had me in them to remember my experience. Before the race, MarathonFoto informed me that “you and your family will not have to worry about trying to capture your special race moments” because they would take pictures. Great! They neglected to mention those pictures would cost $40 each to download.

I liked the pictures, but that heads-up they gave before the race was slimy. I wondered, “how can I make a better, cheaper service for finding photos of myself (and put these guys out of business :P)?” The result is bibfind.com: a crowd-sourced photo tagging system that uses the bib numbers worn by runners to identify them in photos.

I like to say it’s powered by our collective narcissism. When you go to bibfind.com you get to select the race you ran and enter the bib number you’d like to see photos of. But before you get to see those photos, you’ve got to look at some random photos from the race, and tag them with the bib numbers you see. Then you are shown the photos you searched for (assuming such photos exist and have been tagged).

At this point the only photos in the system are ones posted on flickr of the SF Marathon, but I’ll expand to other races and photo services when the site is ripe enough. If you ran the SF Marathon or know anyone who did, try to find yourself at bibfind.com. If you just want to check the site out, try searching for bib #  8685; you’ll see a hilarious photo.
If you’ve got any questions or suggestions, leave a comment here or use the link at the bottom of the site to put in feedback.