You may know Squatty Potty from the outrageously funny/gross viral marketing video they made, featuring a unicorn pooping out rainbow ice-cream.

When I first encountered Squatty Potty back in 2013, I was an immediate convert. The message pushed my buttons perfectly: pooping in squat position has historical precedent, but has faded out due to modern technology (a.k.a. the toilet).

I bought 3. One for home. One for a friend (this is what true friendship looks like). One to keep at the office. And this was in an office building with shared bathrooms per-floor, so every day I would VERY CONSPICUOUSLY trek down the hall carrying this huge hunk of plastic to the bathroom. This became an awkward sort of running joke in the office.

Yoga Blocks

At the time, my girlfriend and I lived apart. She liked the idea of the Squatty Potty, but didn’t want to sacrifice bathroom space to store the thing (square feet are scarce in SF). Being smarter than me, she just bought a pair of yoga blocks off Amazon.

Yoga blocks have many advantages over the Squatty Potty:

  1. Easier to store. Yoga blocks are inconspicuous and not hard to hide. Squatty Potty tucks around your toilet, but can’t really be hidden. Guaranteed to spark a conversation about poop whenever you have guests over…
  2. More attractive. I guess this is subjective. Whatever.
  3. Cheaper. I bought this pair of yoga blocks for $9. When I bought my Squatty Potty’s, they cost $30-40 each.
  4. Height adjustable—just rotate the blocks!
  5. Multi purpose. I use an extra pair to elevate my monitor to a more ergonomic height. (Some Hacker News commentator accused me of being “willing to compromise” because of this—I call it being resourceful!)

I have since sold and donated my Squatty Potty’s in favor of yoga blocks. I still support the idea and am forever grateful to the Squatty Potty company for leading me to traditional pooping. But yoga blocks are just superior.

That link to yoga blocks is an affiliate link, so if you buy a pair, I’ll get a portion of the proceeds. This costs you nothing. I only use affiliate links for stuff that I actually use.