It’s common for software to report your every action back to its maker, so they can analyze usage patterns to improve their software. That’s the point, and I don’t think any company really does this with ill intent. But there’s a side effect.

When you record everything people do, at high-granularity, you end up with a lot of data. Multiply this by a large user base, and it becomes hard to actually record and sift through this information. So a specialized company called Urchin sprang up to do this for other companies. Then that company got bought by another company. Now we have Google Analytics.

Google is good at this service, so lots of companies use Google Analytics.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 3.43.15 AM.png

When you use Skitch, Google knows.

Which means that Google knows when you use a lot of different apps—not just when you visit websites, or use apps that Google made.

I’m not implying that Google does anything nefarious with this information. But maybe you didn’t know that they have it. Now you do.

If you prefer not to have your data harvested, you can seize control of your software’s network activity with software like Little Snitch. I don’t get any kickback if you buy it. I just like the app.