The warehouse worker packs the alarm clock.
The postal worker delivers it.
The barista sets it for 6:00.
So they get to work on time.
To serve coffee to the auto repair guy.
So he’s alert when he gets to work.
To replace the train worker’s tires.
So they can drive to the depot.
To fix the train.
That the quant rides to work.
To build the derivative model.
That the finance exec uses.
To do the deal with the food company and the farm company.
To make a new food product viable.
So the cook can make it for the grad student.
Who eats it for energy to stay in the lab.
To finish their research project.
To develop the breakthrough.
That the pharma company uses.
To make the drug they sell.
That the doctor prescribes.
To cure the musician.
So they can finish the album.
That the founder listens to all night.
To stay focused on building their company.
That makes better alarm clocks.

Inspired by Jun 17.