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DND Shades™

Horse Blinkers for Knowledge Workers

Before Coronavirus, tech workers traveled to large, open floor plan offices, to operate their keyboards.

Open floor plan offices suck for focus. 360° distraction. When it's go time, you need to have eyes only for your computer. That's where DND Shades™ come in.

In Silicon Valley, we pitch new tech in terms of existing products. It's like Uber for ____. The Google of ____. Etc...

DND Shades™ are like horse blinkers for knowledge workers.

They block your peripheral vision, so passers-by don't knock you out of The Zone. As a bonus, they shield you from harsh, overhead lights.

Making DND Shades™ is simple. All you need is:
  1. a piece of paper (card stock),
  2. a printer,
  3. scissors, and
  4. this pattern, which I am releasing as open-source.

DND Shades™ are physical hardware, distributed as pure information.

As seen on Hacker News.